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With our new site now launched, we will continue to develop this page in efforts to make available valuable information about our local writing community.

Directory of Vermont Writing Resources

Your destination for all things writing-related throughout the Green Mountain State.

The directory has listings for coaching, writing workshops, design services, editors, publishing services and other topics.

Click on the link below to access the directory.

Directory of Vermont Writing Services

To be included in the directory, please email us by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top right of the website.

Champlain Internship

LVW has an established relationship with Champlain College’s Professional Writing Program (PWP). Each year we interview a student in his or her final year of undergraduate study to see if we would be a good fit for their internship experience, which is a required course for graduation. The intern reports to the President and together they determine the intern’s initiatives for the semester, ones that benefit both the student and the League.

Goals and objectives have ranged from writing committee guides to help with systems and operations within LVW to facilitating the LVW’s monthly MailChimp campaigns to laying out the quarterly newsletter, League Lines. The President is required to provide a written contract that elaborates on these goals and objectives at the start of the semester and then also provides a mid-term and final evaluation of the student’s performance. The student works remotely approximately 10 hours each week to accomplish the goals set out at the beginning of the semester.

Each internship experience is as much tailored to the student’s learning style, management preferences, and long-term professional goals as possible. Supervision happens in-person, through email, and through texting. It is the responsibility of both the President and student to ensure that the goals and objectives are realized and that the student is developing new or sharpening existing skills.

Fortunately, LVW has had three Rockstar interns since the relationship with Champlain began and the students have felt the same, often sticking around for an additional semester for extra work experience and continued involvement even though they are no longer receiving course credit. With students’ help, LVW has been able to advance its own initiatives in a great many ways while also providing job training and professional development. As such, this has become a wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship.  LVW hopes that the relationship with Champlain will continue to thrive and that it will eventually result in a larger population of student members joining the organization.

If you are a student interested in learning more about LVW’s internship placement, please contact us.