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Quarterly Programs

For a list of our next and most recent programs, please click this link Gatherings

LVW hosts four programs a year, rotating venues to serve members across the state. This movement has taken on an unofficial pattern with the Winter Program being held in the Burlington area, the Spring Program near Rutland, the Summer Program alternating between the north and south end of the state, and the Fall Program occurring mid-state. Our Winter Program also serves as the official annual business meeting.

Our programs always offer those in attendance the opportunity to hear speakers on a variety of topics that deal with the business of writing or the process and craft of writing itself. Writers also use these events to network with others and/or promote their published work. Morning refreshments and lunch are usually included in the registration price.

The details for our programs get featured on our website, via MailChimp announcements sent to members via email, and through League Lines, our quarterly newsletter for members.

Programs in the last couple of years have included speakers such as Chris Tebbetts, David Corey, Joni Cole, Jensen Beach, Jan Gangsei, Stephen P. Kiernan, Dede Cummings, and Jo Knowles.

If you have any suggestions for program venues and locations or speakers and topics, please contact us. We would love to hear your thoughts.