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Do I have to be a member to attend your programs?
No. Our programs are open to the public, but as a member you do have the opportunity to attend at a reduced (“membership”) rate.

I have a suggestion for a speaker. How do I notify you?
Please reach out to us via our Contact page and let us know who would like to hear speak. We will send your suggestion to our Programming Committee.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
There is a full explanation posted here but the long and short of it is that being a member means access to an incredible network of writers and writing professionals, writing and publishing education and development, and information on the latest trends in an ever-changing field both locally and nationally. 

I want to announce something to your membership about my upcoming book or speaking engagement. Can I? If so, how?
We are always looking to share and celebrate in writers’ accomplishments and upcoming events. If you have something relevant to our membership, please get in touch with us through our Contact Page. Someone will send along your announcement to our Marketing Committee who will review your announcement request and determine where and how to distribute it to our members.

If you don’t see your question posted here, we would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.  Contact us!