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Rejection Letters: A Part of the Process to be Proud Of
February 19, 2019
By A.Y. Berthiaume If you’ve decided to take on the writing life than there are certain things that come with the territory. Reading. (Every writer needs to also be reader.) Revising. (Every draft needs to go through revision.) Rejection. (Every final product is likely going to be rejected at some point along the way.) It’s rejection that I focus on here...
Getting into Revising: 3 Methods that Begin with the Letter ‘C’
December 05, 2018
By A. Y. Berthiaume I am more reviser than I am a writer, if there were a way to break down “writer” into these two camps. Like how some “plot” (brainstorm and outline their work) and others “pants” (make it up as they go), I would rather dig in with the content after it’s down on the page than stare at the blank page having to produce the very first draft. Give me the clay and tell me to mold, but please don’t make me make the clay first.
Short Story: The Spirit of Aisle Two
November 01, 2018
By Sonja Hakala Years ago, when I was a magazine editor, I wanted a local ghost story for our fall issue. Well, in New England, ghosts (or at least stories about them) are rather plentiful.
Ten Things You Can do with Your Pinterest Account to Make it a Part of Your Author Platform
October 15, 2018
By A.Y. Berthiaume I’ve been dedicating a lot of time over the last month or so to getting my author platform set up. I’ve thought concertedly about which online spaces I’ll try to command a presence within...