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Afternoon Terror: INTO THE WORDS with a Debut Bio-Thriller Writer Hank Parker
August 18, 2017
By Hank Parker Midway between lunch and the ice cream social I met with a dozen other writers in Jerry Johnson’s comfortable living room to chat about my bioterror thriller, CONTAINMENT (Simon & Schuster/Touchstone, 2017)...
Story of One Writer’s Evolution as a Poet: Summer Talk at INTO THE WORDS
August 14, 2017
By Kathy McKinley Harris This is the story of my evolution as a poet. Over the years of my League membership (I joined in 1978) I’ve learned what attendees want from a meeting is something useful they can take home. Maybe you take home only one useful thing from a meeting. Well, then, you are that much ahead on your writing journey...
INTO THE WORDS Recap: Using Your Senses to Get into the Writing Zone
August 10, 2017
By Pat Esden. I’m delighted to have been invited to chat about using your sense to get into the writing zone. I’m the author of The Dark Heart series from Kensington Books, and the upcoming Northern Circle Coven series...
Publishing Four Books in 2017: Recap from INTO THE WORDS
August 07, 2017
By Mark Pendergrast At “Into the Words,” I explained why and how I have four new books being published in 2017, despite calling myself “semi-retired” as a writer – meaning that I want to avoid having book deadlines for a while, work on my novel, smell flowers, travel, and so on...