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Writing Prompt #5: Crafting a Two-Sentence Horror Story
October 31, 2017
By Shannara Johnson and Shawn Anderson At a recent board-member meeting and retreat, Shannara Johnson proposed that we do some writing and craft two-sentence horror stories. It was a fun exercise, definitely in the spirit of the season...
Haunted by a House
October 25, 2017
By M. LaRose Driving to the LVW “Wicked Wording” conference on 9/30/17 caused me to travel down a road I hadn’t taken in a while (and I’m not being metaphorical). I knew the road would take me past a certain abandoned house that that I’ve felt strangely drawn to ever since I first noticed it, years ago...
Every Building Tells a Story: The Old Labor Hall in Barre, Vermont
October 19, 2017
By Lisa Halvorsen You may be wondering why we chose this location for our meeting. Well, you see, it fits with our Wicked Wording theme as it may have a ghost...
INTO THE WORDS Recap: As Good As It Gets, a Writer’s First Writers’ Retreat
October 16, 2017
By Sheila Arel Lowe My introduction to LVW was on a FB post that advertised "Into The Words." I responded and asked if an avid reader who is an aspiring writer could attend...