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Welcome to the League of Vermont Writers’ NEW Website!

January 19, 2017

By The Website Project Team

Over the last three years the Board has taken the time to consider consistent feedback provided through a variety of mediums about programming and membership issues and challenges, to review our current marketing and visibility, to assess our administrative systems and operations, and to contemplate the long-term sustainability of our organization. 

Our evaluation of all of these things has illustrated how much of our current practice, needs, and vision require a better website, more automation of tasks (thus, less manual labor), and an accessible membership database. In short, we came to determine that not only did LVW need a new, fresh website, but it needed membership, event, and newsletter software as well.

After much deliberation, the Board approved the redevelopment of our website, complete with a SECURE, PASSWORD PROTECTED, membership portal whereby each member will create an account and have individual, PRIVATE access to control their membership activity. 'Members Only' databases that are integrated into larger websites are very common in online businesses these days, making it a convenient and secure way for members to keep their information up-to-date. This is very similar to setting up a private Amazon account whereby you sign in as a specific user and your details are accessible only by you.

The Board approved a budget and a project team to facilitate this initiative. The project team includes Board members, Alyssa Berthiaume (Immediate Past President), Bobbi Jo Davis (new President), Shawn Anderson (new Vice President), Wendy Heilig (member at-large), and general LVW member, Ron Jensen, who has spearheaded the effort on a volunteer basis with the Board’s directive. Ron has thirty years of experience designing and managing software and website development. Together with Eternity, local Vermont web developers, the team has been working diligently on this new website that you see here.

The Project Team was looking to accomplish several things with a new website, including, but not limited to:

  • A clean, modern look and feel
  • Easy navigation making it easier to find what you need while also providing greater visibility to the organization for both purposes of membership recruitment and retention
  • One place for all member information, which means reduced risk that members aren’t included in League mailings, and reduced risk of this information being on someone’s private computer and therefore lost due to any number of circumstances
  • The ability for you as a member to modify your profile online, including email, address, phone number, and genres and to manage your own dues
  • A community tab where we will be adding information about other writing groups and showcasing our own writers’ publications and services
  • An upgraded and flexible website architecture which will provide more control to LVW for making enhancements to the website as needed

We hope that as you spend time on our website that you feel we have accomplished all these things and more. And, of course, if you have comments or questions or need assistance, we hope you’ll contact us. Just click on the ‘contact us’ button on the top right hand corner of the home page.

Thank you for visiting.