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Snow flurries in July: an interview with David Jauss, author of NICE PEOPLE, NEW & SELECTED STORIES II
July 05, 2018
By Amy Braun David Jauss writes like a plow truck-driver plows. He glides along making the near impossible task of writing a collection of quality short stories look simple.
Preparing for Pitching at Writers Meet Agents 2018
June 27, 2018
By A.Y. Berthiaume It’s hard to believe that another Writers Meet Agents (WMA) is just a month away. Two years goes by so quickly (like, scary-fast) and here we are again in full planning swing.
How a Free Writing Course Helped Me Find My Voice
April 20, 2018
By A. Y. Berthiaume Writing is the first and foremost passion that I have and yet never have I said to myself (or others) in my adulthood with conviction and true determination – I’m making this year about writing...
Considerations on a Pen Name (Part 2): My Personal Struggle to Choose My Own Name
April 12, 2018
By A. Y. Berthiaume As I mentioned in my first post on this topic, I’m struggling to decide whether to write under my own name or to choose a pen name. Growing up all I wanted was to someday see my name across the covers of my own books...